CSS Videos
By Ashton Sanders

Cascading Style Sheets

Why CSS?

I love Cascading Style Sheets.

One thing I think is very important when developing a website is to make it very easy to update in the future. That is why I always use some form of PHP template and include from a file any repetitive element of a website. That way whenever a client wants to change the copyright, only one file needs updating to correct the entire site.

Cascading Style Sheets holds so much potential for website development. Here are some of my favorite things about CSS:

  1. Save Time: (CSS takes all of the visual styling code out of your HTML and drops it into an external style sheet.) Using an external style sheet for all repetitive styling elements in a website allows for global visual changes that take 13 seconds instead of 13 hours.
  2. Quick: The extremely simple syntax makes a relatively short learning curve.
  3. Simple: CSS simplifies the learning curve for HTML since you don’t have to learn anywhere close to all of the HTML tags. ( was created with less than 15 HTML tags inside the <body>.)
  4. Clean Code: Since CSS replaces all most of your HTML code and drops it into an external style sheet, the remaining HTML is very clean and easy to read.
  5. Size: CSS also cuts down on your website size since it styles every instance of an element, class, id, etc. with only a few, simple lines of code.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engines love clean, small webpages where the content is close to the top of your HTML. has been featured in:

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.love { css: awesome }